Rempang City Development

The Rempang Area is situated within the territory under the control of BP Batam and the Batam City Government. It is located in the Riau Islands Province, encompassing both land and water bodies. This area is designated as a Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in Batam City, as regulated by the Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia, number 46 of the year 2007. The Rempang Area is conveniently located only 25 kilometers from Batam City Center and approximately 70 kilometers from Singapore.

Furthermore, in accordance with the regulation issued by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Number 7 of 2023, the Rempang Island area has been recognized as an integral part of the National Strategic Project. This project is intended to support the downstream program’s requirements and will provide exceptional connectivity through a multimodal transportation network, a connected deep seaport, the utilization of renewable energy as the source of electricity, streamlined one-stop utility services, and expedited construction permitting.

Positioning of Rempang Island, Batam City