Based on the Regulation of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Number 7 of 2023, the Rempang Island area has been designated as an integral part of the National Strategic Project which is adjusted to meet downstream program needs. The development offers exceptional connectivity, including multimodal transportation, a connected deep-sea port, renewable energy sources for electricity, integrated integrated utility services, and accelerated construction permitting.

As a Free Trade Zone, the Rempang Island holds the potential to become a strategically significant economic hub due to its location within the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle (IMS-GT).

As a land developer business unit trusted by BP Batam and Batam City Government, PT Makmur Elok Graha has the authority to advanced infrastructure, improve regional reputation and bringing various investments that are beneficial for sustainable development in Rempang Island and its surroundings.

By building a solar photovoltaic industry (power generator & manufacturer) in Rempang, we are invested in ensuring that solar is a sustainable solution to climate change, a catalyst to the development of a greener Indonesia as well as widening Indonesia’s exposure to access green funds and initiatives. 

Each head of a family on Rempang Island who is relocated will be given 500 meters of land in the form of an ownership certificate. Furthermore, Rempang Island residents will also be given houses with an area of 45 square meters with a value of IDR 120 million.

PT Makmur Elok Graha acknowledges the biodiversity of Rempang Island, enhancing the function and educating the people through Taman Buru’s conservation, mangrove conservation, and waste bank for the community.