Corporate Social Safety Responsibility

“Unlocking Economic Potential for Indigenous People”

The CSSR Program of PT Makmur Elok Graha (MEG) was implemented to ensure the realization of social justice for the surrounding community, especially indigenous people in the Rempang Island area. PT MEG is conscious that the development being implemented will have an impact, especially in changing the dynamics of the community around Rempang Island. Through CSSR, PT MEG emphasize to contributing actively in minimizing the negative impacts that occur. CSSR Program of PT MEG is implemented based on 7 aspects of the approach consisting of ecology, economy, education, health, religion, social, and tourism.

Program's Flow and 12 Programs

The CSSR program of PT MEG is implemented through 12 program activities. The stages of each program will follow the intervention stages of professional social workers starting from engagement, assessment, plan of intervention, intervention, supervision, monitoring and evaluation, termination, and publication or report. The twelve programs that will be implemented in the near future include:

1.          Peer to Peer for adolescence.

2.          Medical Check-up.

3.          Waste Bank.

4.          Mass Circumcision.

5.          Productive Seniors.

6.          Empowerment for People with Disabilities.

7.          Empowerment for Women.

8.          Empowerment for fishermen.

9.          Scholarships.

10.       Community Schools.

11.       Mangrove Conservation.

12.       Tourism based on Community.